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Monday 30 January 2017 | Category : New Products

Take a school trip down memory lane with the Helix Oxford Vintage maths set


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Helix, one of the UKs leading stationery brands, is enabling school leavers of all generations to reconnect with lessons gone by, with the much-anticipated return of its iconic original 1935 Oxford branding on itsOxford Vintage mathematical set.


A global go-to stationery favourite for decades, the Oxford Vintage mathematical set features The Oxford’s original signature branding, along with the familiar Helix running man emblem, to instantly transport former schoolboys and girls back to their school days.


Representing true British heritage, familiarity and premium quality, the set features all of the traditional must-have Mathematical Instruments, all of which still apply to modern day curriculum requirements. Each product has been carefully designed to provide ease, confidence and accuracy when trying to solve any maths problem.


Fashioned in the original retro tin case, the premium set includes Helix’s original wooden ruler and a metal bow top compass in the style of that of days gone by. A metal pencil sharpener, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, 9cm pencil and timetable/fact sheet have also been included, along with alphabet and chemistry stencils.


Special attention has been paid to the detail of each product for added authenticity. For example, the compass has been stamped with the date of the set’s original launch and also features Helix’s original running man icon.


Gray Richmond, manager directorat Helix, comments: “We all have those items that instantly take us back in time, and we hope that our Oxford Vintage maths set will help to evoke a sense of classroom nostalgia amongst all ages. The set has been a firm favourite for generations and we hope that by re-introducing its iconic branding former fans will be able to take a trip down memory lane with school kids of today.”


In addition to the maths set, fans of the Oxford Vintage rangecan also get their hands on other items in the collection including; a 12 pack of premium-grade, retro-style HB graphite pencils, a dual-hole canister sharper, a twin pack of PVC free erasers, the traditional 12” wooden ruler and a vintage-look bow-top metal compass.