If your child is heading back to school for the first time since lockdown next week, they may have mixed feelings about returning. While they may be excited to see their friends after the extended summer break, they may also feel nervous about new routines and safety measures in place in their school. We’ve put together some handy tips to help ease the transition back to the classroom for the new term.

Get into a routine before the big day. Over lockdown and the summer holidays, school work has probably been far from your child’s mind. They may have been going to bed and getting up later so get them back into their usual sleep routine as soon as possible so that they feel energized and ready to learn ahead of their first day.

Social distancing measures means that there may be changes to your child’s usual school routine such as classroom changes, one way systems and changes to their break and lunchtimes. Try to find out in advance of their first day about any new guidelines your child will have to follow and explain this to them ahead of their first day back.

Make sure your child is prepared with all their own school equipment. Pick up an Oxford stationery set with everything your child will need meaning they won’t be sharing items with friends. The Oxford Camo stationery set is available from Amazon.

Reassure your child. School is a safe place for them and the rules are in place to protect them. Try and make them see that going back to school is the start of a return to normality for them and is a positive thing. Try and get them excited about the new school term, focusing on seeing their friends, teachers and the new things they will learn.