Getting organised for the new term may not be a priority while the sun is shining but September is on the horizon and we want to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

We have award-winning stationery products for children of all ages. So whether you need exam equipment, colouring pencils or maths sets, you can send your kids off to school with confidence that they have the essentials to inspire and aid their learning. Here is our top ten favourite Back to School stationery equipment list.

Oxford Metallics Maths Set & Ballpoint pen in rose gold

Oxford Fountain Pen

Oxford Scientific Calculator

Oxford Colours Student Set

Color’Peps Jungle Innovation Felt Pen Set

Maped Loopy Totem Duo Eraser & Pencil Sharpener

Maped Frog Signal 1 hole Pencil Sharpener

Maped Twist’ N Flex Decorated 30cm Ruler

Maped Zenoa Fit 13cm Scissors


Back to School


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