Christmas – the wonderful season of giving. If you’re gifting a present this year and you’re wondering how to wrap it up ready to take pride of place under the tree, you’ve come to the right place!

Our handy Christmas elves have been hard at work this month wrapping even the most awkward-shaped presents for their loved ones and so, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to gift wrapping, complete with handy tips.

Here’s a list of t
hings you’ll need to get started:

Wrapping paper (if you can find recyclable paper – even better!)
Tissue paper
Felt tip pens (our Color’Peps Glitter Felts will be perfect for the job)
Scissors (Try the Maped Zenoa Scissors)
Old Christmas cards (for the message tags)
Natural materials for decoration, such as cinnamon sticks, holly or mistletoe (not shown in images)

Step One

Roll the wrapping paper out on a solid surface and place the present on the plain side of the paper, whilst making sure there’s enough rolled out to cover the entire gift.

Step Two

Like the image below, bring one corner of the wrapping paper across to the middle of the present and secure it with sellotape – you may need an extra pair of hands to help you with this part!

Step Three

Repeat this step with each corner so that the entire present is covered like the images below, making sure the surprise is fully concealed!

Step Four

Once your present is wrapped up and ready to place under the Christmas tree, why not decorate it with some festive ribbon or string! Simply wrap it around each side of the present and tie it in a bow.

Step Five

If only all Christmas presents were as easy as that to wrap, right?  

For the gifts that come in weird and wonderful sizes, use a cardboard box or tube to even out the edges making it easier to wrap. Place the gift inside the cardboard box or tube and gift wrap it just like the images below.

Step Six

A handy tip for a gift that may be more spherical in shape, use the Maped Zenoa Scissors for added precision and cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit generously around the object. 

Step Seven 

Cut out roughly two-inch-wide strips of wrapping paper before placing these around the present, like the images below. Secure it in place using sellotape and finish it off with a piece of ribbon or string for a truly festive feel.

Step Eight 

If there’s a present you can’t wrap, use tissue paper instead. It can be a lot less fiddly than using paper!

Cut a piece large enough to wrap around the gift with plenty of tissue paper left at either end and secure with sellotape, like the images below. 

Step Nine 

Twist the ends until it begins to look like a candy wrapper then secure with ribbon or twine. This is a fun twist on wrapping and easy for kids to do! It should look a little like something in the images below.

Step Ten

Decorate! - Now the extra fun part, decorate your gifts with tags and bows for a full festive feel.

Tip: You can recycle old Christmas cards by cutting out the festive designs and use this as a present tag. Write a message inside to your loved one and make it extra special using the Color’Peps Glitter Felts to finish off the present with a little extra sparkle.


Now it’s your turn! Share pictures of your wonderfully wrapped Christmas gifts with us by uploading them to Facebook and make sure to mention #mapedhelixchristmaspresent.


Merry Christmas from us all at Maped Helix!