The summer holidays are upon us and home-schooling is finally over. If you’re planning on heading away this summer you might be dreading hearing “are we there yet?” or “I’m bored!” coming from the backseats while on long car journeys. Keep kids occupied on the go with our top travel tips!

1. Treat the kids to some fun activities to open when they leave home. Pack things like colouring books, stickers and crayons to keep them entertained. Maped’s Color’Peps Gel crayons gilde smoothly on the paper and come in a plastic storage case to take with you wherever you go!

2. Making frequent breaks to stretch your legs during long journeys will help burn off any excess energy. Pack a skipping rope and a football and let the little ones run around in the fresh air. Allowing for frequent breaks results in happier children and a calmer car journey!

3. Try playing your children’s favourite stories on an audio book. They allow children (and parents) to enjoy some quiet time where imagination and daydreaming can take over. Your children will be busy listening to the story and can even imagine that it takes place in the heart of the landscapes that pass before their eyes.

4. Pack plenty of healthy snacks and treats to keep them quiet and stop you having to buy expensive fast food at the motorway services. Homemade sandwiches and cakes, fruit and cereal bars will stave off the hunger until you reach your destination.

5. Maped Creativ Travel boards are ideal for getting creative during long car journeys. Including activity sheets, an erasable board and markers all in a compact carry case to take with you wherever you go. The activity sheets will keep little ones entertained for hours, then use the cleaning cloth included to wipe the board clean before moving on to the next activity.

6. Everyone loves traditional car games! Start a game of I-Spy or Who Am I? to get everyone involved in the fun! You could even plan ahead and create a bingo card, full of interesting items for the little ones to find and tick off during the journey