Whether it’s SATs, GCSE’s or A-Levels, we are often left feeling helpless when it comes to seeing our children take on exams, however there are some ways we can reduce the stress and ensure they are as prepared as possible:


1. Talk to them about the exam process and ask them how they feel and if you can help in anyway. They will appreciate the support.

2. Ensure your child is getting enough sleep as this will make them more productive and alert.

3. Make sure your child is eating and drinking enough. Also encourage them to eat the right foods. Processed and junk foods will make them feel sluggish so stocking up on fruit, nuts, oily fish, avocados and dark chocolate will help to feed the brain. Also, ensure they drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. More information can be found here

4. Provide them with all the equipment they need – make sure they have a quiet space for them to study and they have all the right equipment in terms of clear pencil case, pens and pencils, ruler and calculator to take into the exams

5. Listen to them and be flexible with them. There may be mood swings at times, but listening will help. Also, if they want someone to test their knowledge, act as quiz master. This fun way of revising will help the information sink in

6. Help your child create a revision timetable to cover all subjects and includes regular breaks


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