Sending kids to school for the first time is a major milestone and it can take some adjusting to for both parents and child. To make it less stressful and fun for both your and your little one, follow our simple steps to ensure a smooth transition.


1. Read stories to your child about going to school. Our favourite books include Peppa Pig: George’s First Day at Playgroup and Topsy and Tim Start School. This will show them how to  make friends and help them feel familiar and not so scared on their first day.

2. Use social media to get involved in the school community. Most schools have Facebook pages now where they put up notices and answer questions. Get to know the community and make friends with other parents who you can then turn to for advice. If your child has friends joining the school at the same time arrange to meet them at the school gates so they can all walk in together.

3. Talk about going to school and the routine of the day. Explain about playtimes, P.E, how lunchtime works with packed lunches or school dinners and the timetable of the day so they know when home time is. This will make them feel more comfortable, encourage them to ask any questions about any fears they may have and help them to feel positive about the occasion.

4. Encourage a regular routine by starting the bedtime and morning schedule a couple of weeks before going to school as this can be a shock in itself. Make sure they have eight or nine hours sleep as this will ensure they aren’t feeling tired beforehand and can adjust to the school day easier.

5. Take them shopping to choose their school stationery, school bag, shoes and new lunchbox – If you need some help deciding what products you need our checklists can help. This will ensure they feel prepared and more comfortable for the big day.

6. Lay out their school uniforms and ensure their bags are packed the night before so they can get a goodnight sleep and this will help reduce first day nerves.


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