national stationery week


Once again, September is around the corner and parents up and down the country can be heard cheering as they get their children ready for another year of learning! Use our helpful tick-list to ensure you’re fully prepared for the first school run of the new school year:

1) If you haven’t already, bring back the early bedtime routine at least one week before the new term begins
Depending on age, sleeping for at least 9 hours a night is essential for a child’s health and development according to
Great Ormond Street Hospital. Check out the table below for age-dependent guidelines:

get your children Back to school ready

2) Create a shopping and recipe list packed with fresh and nutritious food ready to fill those lunch boxes
Sending your child to school with a full, nutritious meal is not only packed with health benefits, it also means they’re not eating at the school cafeteria which saves pennies in the long run! Maped Helix has some fantastic lunchbox recipes for inspiration such as the Zucchini and chorizo quiche. And if you’re searching for new kid friendly, innovative lunch boxes and water bottles for the new term,
take a look at the new Picnik range.

Maped Picnik Lunchbox

3) Make the most of the Back To School bargains and be sure to pick up essential items of stationery earlier than planned
Popular items of stationery will sell out fast so be sure to start shopping as early as July and beat the rush.
Why not check out our Back to School essentials on Amazon.

Oxford stationery

4) Finish the summer holidays with a bang!
Let your child pick an activity to round the summer up and make the most of it with them – we know you’ll miss them really!
Take them swimming, to a theme park, the cinema or on a picnic. Have a day out with the kids, make memories and enjoy the quality time before its back to the school routine.

5) Once back at school, take time to sit down with your child each week to catch up on school life
According to, children value quiet time spent with their parents to have a chat and seek advice. What’s more, it gives parents an indication of how their child is doing, both in and out of the classroom.