Maped has extended its popular Color’Peps colouring collection just in time to help get kids creative during the Easter Holidays!

Whilst we know it’s the workings of a young creative genius, the fear of mess and stains on clothes and hands can make the idea of colouring a chore. However, we also know that creative activities are beneficial for young minds, which is why we wanted to help take the pain out of colouring with our range of washable colouring products!

If you need to take a break from chocolate this Easter then there’s something for everyone in the Color’Peps colouring range! From the Animal colouring pencils - guaranteed to drive their creativity wild, to brightly coloured Duo pencils with a different colour at each end. No need to worry about lost pen caps as the Jungle Innovation has the solution to your problems. With the pen lids situated in the soft base they are impossible to lose!

Brand new for this Easter is the Mini Artists range for kids. Perfect for children who want to draw, colour in, decorate and enrich their drawings. The range features Magic felt pens with cool colour changing ink and Glitter felt pens, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your creations.

When the Easter egg hunt is over, why not try our Easter craft activity 

Maped Color'Peps Glitter Colouring

Color'Peps Glitter Felt Pens

Brightly coloured felt pens with a shimmery glitter ink.

Color'Peps Magic Felt Tip Pens

Color'Peps Magic Felt Pens

Colour in with the Color'Peps Magic felt pens and then use one of the reveal pens to change the colour of the ink!

Color'Peps Jungle Felt Tip Pens

Color'Peps Jungle Felt Pens

Pack of 12 felt tip pens with bright vibrant colours and washable ink. Compatible with the Jungle Innovation felt pen stand.

Maped Color'Peps Jungle Innovation Felt Pens

Color'Peps Jungle Innovation

A unique innovation to never lose pen lids again!

Color'Peps Brush Felt Tip Pens

Color'Peps Brush Felt Pens

Felt pens with an ultra flexible brush tip. Perfect for sketches, drawings, mangas, illustrations and calligraphy.

Color'Peps Duo Felt Tip Pens

Color'Peps Duo Felt Pens

Felt pens with a different colour at each end. Twice the colours for twice the fun!

Color'Peps Coloured Pencils

Color'Peps Colouring Pencils

Bright coloured pencils with break resistant leads and ergonomic triangular barrels.


Maped Color'Peps Duo Pencils

Color'Peps Duo Colouring Pencils

Bright coloured pencils with a different colour on each end. More colours for less space in your pencil case!

Maped Color'Peps Animal Colouring Pencils

Color'Peps Animal Colouring Pencils

High quality coloured pencils with strong break resistant leads in a range of bright colours, featuring fun animal print patterns.

Color'Peps Gel Crayons

Color'Peps Gel Crayons

Soft watercolour gel crayons that glide smoothly on the page. Just add water to turn your drawing into a watercolour painting! 




Color'Peps products are available in selected Ryman stores and online: