If you’ve been finding home schooling a struggle these past few weeks, Maped Helix are here to help! Follow our simple guide to stress free tutoring!

1. Set a simple timetable to outline your child’s day. Routine is important to children and setting out what is expected from each day will give them a target to work towards. Remember to include breaks and try and mix in some creative and physical activities between more academic subjects to keep things varied.

2. Clear a space in a quiet area for your child to learn such as a desk or a kitchen table. A designated work space for your child to learn will help them to focus and distinguish between work time and play time.


3. Prioritise core subjects such as English or Maths earlier on in the day while your child’s mind is still fresh. Follow this with some crafts or physical activity to help break up the day.

4. Have the correct equipment available. Maped Helix has a wide range of stationery for all school subjects. Most of our products are available from online and grocery retailers. If theres something you’re missing, our Amazon brand shop is sure to have what you need, check out the range here.


5. Reward your child’s hard work with some incentives. How about rewarding older children with an evening movie or video game or using stickers to reward the little ones!

6. Physical education is important too! Be sure to include some daily exercise on your child’s home schooling schedule to make sure they stay as active as possible.