As Christmas is fast approaching, our helpful product testers have been reviewing the Maped Color’Peps range just in time to add them to your wish list!



What a fantastic creative session I have just had with my two children! The Maped Color’Peps colouring range has really impressed. My children, Harry (4) and Olivia (2), are usually very messy when it comes to colouring and creative sessions. I always start by taping wallpaper liner to the table and then let them loose! Usually I do well to get 30 minutes out of them, but this session was for well over an hour. 

The Maped Color’Peps Jungle Innovation was a real hit with Harry. What a fantastic design and very innovative. No more lost caps! He enjoyed placing them back in the stand, rather than having lots left all over the table. It was an added play element for Harry.  

The Color’Peps Gel Crayons were great. No mess like normal crayons. You can also add water with a paintbrush, just like watercolours.

Olivia had a Color’Peps Early Age Apron to help minimise mess on her clothes. The apron was good quality, but the standout feature were the sleeves. These were a lot thinner material than the body of the apron, so her movement for being creative was a lot better than in similar products. The re-sealable pouch it comes in is also a nice addition.

Each child was kept occupied with a Color’Peps My First Colouring Set and Storage Case. This included 12 jumbo wax crayons and 10 jumbo felt tips. The chunky barrels on the felts along with the triangular grips on the crayons really helped with keeping between the lines. The colouring case also came with a large poster to colour in. It was that large there is still plenty left for a second session. 


Finally, I can confirm, that they are washable! After retrieving from the cupboard again, after our colouring session had finished, Olivia proceeded to colour herself in…yet there was not a mark left on her white t-shirt after washing on a 30-degree wash.

5 out of 5 for Maped Color’Peps!