Tuesday, august 20, 2019


This long standing maths essential, which has not changed for 100 years, has been redesigned to help reduce confusion and simplify its use in geometry lessons

Every day is a school day when you are an innovative company trying to stay ahead of the competition.  Maped Helix’s latest research and design project began in the classroom as an idea by Harrow Way School Teacher, Shelley Frape. 


Working in collaboration with the Stationery giant Mrs Frape will see her concept on the market just in time for back to school.


Unchanged for more than 100 years, Mrs Frape felt the protractor was due an overhaul.  She said: “Having taught secondary school maths for a number of years I could see within my own classrooms that the measurement markings on a traditional protractor were the cause of some confusion.


“My redesign has removed the anti-clockwise scale and placed the zero line at the very base of the protractor, which makes it easier for students to use while improving their understanding of acute and obtuse angles with the use of the two colours and inclusion of the words, acute and obtuse. 


These simple changes have made a big difference in the classroom so I’m hoping going forward it will make life easier for both students and maths teachers alike.”


Maped Helix UK Managing Director, Gray Richmond said: “We’ve been in the stationery business for more than 130 years and its through consistently evolving and innovating our products that we maintain our market leading position. 


“We welcome fresh ideas and feedback from our customers and were extremely excited by Mrs Frape’s vision. We are delighted our collaboration has come to fusion and can’t wait to test it on our back to school customers.” 


Mrs Frape's new style of protractor will be available to purchase from September 2019