national stationery week


With National Stationery Week on the horizon (29th April – 5th May),
what better time than to celebrate all things stationery and spread the all-important message: writing matters!

We live in a generation that lives and breathes the digital world! Now, thanks to our fantastic and innovative products that help to fill pencil cases and desk pots all year round, we’ve put together some top tips to help keep the art of writing alive and let your imagination run wild:


1)     Get personal and handwrite a letter to a friend or family member. It’s always more thoughtful and appreciated. Better still, you can stay on trend and use our new Helix Oxford Rose Gold Fountain Pen!

Color'Peps Magic Felt Tip Pens

2)     Encourage self-expression. Offload your creativity onto paper and make it as colourful as possible – not only will it look great, you’ll feel better for it too. Give our Oxford Colour Gel Pens a try and experience smooth writing in a range of 10 bright and vivid colours.

Color'Peps Duo Felt Tip Pens

3)     Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you’re getting arty – it’s the best way to learn! Always keep our Maped Zenoa Plus Eraser on hand to swiftly get rid of anything you want to correct.

Zenoa PlusMaped ZenoaMaped Zenoa

4)     For the artists amongst us – always keep your pencils sharpened! This will help to keep your drawing tools in tip top condition and your sketches fabulous. Our fun Frog Signal Pencil Sharpener is perfect for the job as the eyes pop up to signal once the pencil is sharp enough!

Frog Sharpener

5)     And finally…tidy desk = tidy mind! Store all of your stationery in one place. Our colourful Pringles Pencil Case is the best thing for the job and what’s more, they look great too!

Pringles Pencil Cases