Prepare for University with maped helix


Heading to university for the first time can seem daunting for new students. Not only are you moving away to a strange place with lots of new people, there is also the added stress of lectures, coursework and exams to keep up with. Follow our simple tips to help you ease into university life. 

1.) Draw up a timetable with all of your lectures and key dates such as exams and coursework deadlines. Set aside some time each day to complete extra reading and stick to it!

Oxford timetable

2.) Join sports teams or societies to help you meet new friends – there is a society for almost any subject you can imagine! From art to yoga there is sure to be something to suit your interests and help you meet people like you.

3.)    Split your food shopping with your flat mates. You can pick up buy one get one free bargains and plan to cook meals in bulk rather than single portions, saving time and money.

4.)    Pack some home comforts to help you settle into your new accommodation. Some cushions and photo frames from home will go a long way to making your room seem more homely. Perfect for studying and catching up on your zzzz’s after an all-nighter.

5.)    Maped Helix have a variety of stationery available to make university life easier. The new Oxford Colour Gel Pens are great for colour coding notes or pick up a new Maped roller highlighter to help you whizz through revision.

oxford colour gel pens