Our Back to School survey has found that many parents struggle to help their children with their homework as they have forgotten all about Algebra, Pythagoras’ Theorem, long division and Trigonometry, so we have created a checklist to try and help make that homework conundrum a little bit easier.


1. Ask other people to help. Our survey found that over half of those surveyed got stuck occasionally so turn to partners, grandparents or friends to help out and don’t be embarrassed. Remember, we all have different strengths and every day is a school day for everyone!

2. Check you have the right equipment needed. A ruler, maths set, compass and a calculator are all essentials. Double check sums with the trusty calculator just in case your maths is a little rusty!

3. Ask Google or Alexa if you have an Amazon Echo at home – the font of all knowledge

4. Use online resource websites such as:

BBC Bitesize

Homework Elephant


The British Library

Homework Help

The School Run

Primary Resources

Maths Is Fun

Top Marks

Nrich Maths

5. Speak to the teacher – they will want to help and give advice 

6. Social media can also hold the answers – not only do you have all those brains at your fingertips but things like YouTube are perfect if you need a video on how to make an outfit for World Book Day or if you are trying to teach your child about another country

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